Express Global  Consultancy is a registered Visa Consultancy firm that was established with the ambition to assist clients in making their dream of a better life come true, in a country of their own choice. There are many options available in so many countries when it comes to Study, Visit or Immigration for that matter, our experts recommend you the most suitable options for visit and settlement plans which best-match with your requirements. Doing so, Express Global makes sure that our clients’ applications are bestowed with lawful representation from our trained and certified staff. We at Express Global, are the determined to Set New Standards Of Counseling Whether It Is Study Abroad, Visit Visa or Immigration.

What distinguishes us is our 1500+ Educational Institutions who are our partners. This partnership network has empowered us to provide our students a wide range of options to choose their dream destination and Institution as per their desire.

We are so fortunate that among our partner institutions we have Universities which are the top-ranked universities of UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, Norway, Sweden, China etc. Moreover, we not only provide a wide range of Study options but our Visa Section, in collaboration with the host Institution, ensures a smooth Visa process.

We are among only a few registered consultants in Pakistan who enjoy a board of directors from different countries. When it comes to immigration, the board of directors take each Immigration case separately and a thorough evaluation is conducted.

Each Immigration client is then given with the best suitable options considering his/her background such as age, education, experience, field of expertise and language understanding. Currently, we are providing Immigration consultancy specifically for Canada. We are expert in various Immigration streams of Canada such as, Express Entry, Provincial Nomination Programs, Business Immigration, Citizenship by Investment and Residence by Investment Programs. We also provide the services for Family Sponsorship including Spousal Sponsorship, Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship.

In the end, Express Global Consultancy follows an exhaustive settlement policy that goes beyond merely arranging the visa for our clients, what we actually consider is; our task only gets completed once our clients end with success in establishing themselves in the country of their own choice. For us, it is never a matter of merely completing forms and submitting documents. Each case is thoroughly studied, meticulously prepared, and presented to embassies or immigration authorities in a way that best shows the merits of the candidate.

Express Global Consultancy is, it enjoys partnership with over 1500 Universities and Colleges across the globe which Provide Our Students with Handful Of Options Of Universities and Colleges to Choose From.
There are a number of pathways to immigrate to Canada, Canada gives over 200,000 Permanent Residencies (PRs) each year and most of them are foreign nationals (outside Canada). 
We assist you in making your travel abroad convenient. Our experienced staff prepares your visa case showing the maximum merits. We get your tour plans, hotel bookings, travel insurance,  for you.

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