To us, understanding your requirements and preferences is of utmost importance to us. First we understand your preferences then a detailed career counseling session is being conducted with every aspiring student, in which our experts advise the most suitable programs and study options. In the orientation session the students are also guided in detail about the process of seeking admission till triumphing at their destination university and country.


Express Global Consultancy provides a wide range of courses which are just tailor-made to your requirements. We have over 1500 institutions on our panel which enables you to choose from a lot of options. Our dedicated staff assist you in choosing the best available option for you depending upon your needs and preferences. Moreover, the understanding and knowledge of our experienced staff helps you to understand the course modules and details of each relevant option for you. In all the fields such as, Business, Engineering, Medical, Arts etc. our staff will provide a wide range of options. Please do contact us so that you may get the best and specialized recommendation from us.


Express Global Consultancy offers a wide range of study abroad destinations, which include: UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Newzealand, Germany, France, China etc. Each country is unique in offering its courses, depending upon the tuition fee, part-time work options, course duration, living cost and obviously the Permanent Residency options after completion of studies. We at Express Global Consultancy guides you selecting the best country to achieve your career aspirations and goals. Our study-leading-to-immigration program will give you a unique option which will help you settle in the destination country with your family after your studies.




The distinctive feature of Express Global Consultancy is, it enjoys partnership with over 1500 Universities and Colleges across the globe. Selecting the right University or College according to your profile in pursuing your career goals is of utmost importance. This is the stage when students need an expert opinion and guidance from professionals in the field. This is where our role comes in, and we guide you for such options, which at the end of the day, would guarantee success and help you not only achieve your expectation but exceed those expectations and also help you give colors to your future dreams.


For us, the application process is as important as motherhood. We nurture every step of the process and take care of minor details at every step. Express Global Consultancy’s expert team makes this process as easy as possible for students. The application process starts right after the selection of university or College. Express Global Consultancy then prepares all essential documents which vary course to course and institution to institution. 


We provide 360-degree services to our students. Right from your first foot-step to our office till arriving at your destination, we provide you with all the services so that your whole process is completed hassle-free. Our staff will conduct all your traveling arrangements in your home country and would also ensure stepping-in your dream institute finally.