Founder Massage

I love what I do at Express Global Consultancy. I am an educationalist and Immigration expert by profession. I and my highly qualified and dedicated team will not only assist you in processing your visa/immigration consultancy by giving attention to minute details of every possible aspect but will also ensure that you are being settled at your destination country hassle-free.
Not everyone has the privilege to make a difference in people’s life, but we are indeed fortunate enough to be able to assist our clients in securing their dreams abroad, whether it is study, visit, work or permanent settlement. Express Global Consultancy’s corporate strategy reflects its commitment to strive for the best to achieve sustainable growth. These are our clients who have been admiring our services. We do make sure that the expectations of our clients are met fully. We also strongly believe that every client must have a clear understanding of the process before he/she avail our services.
I take pride in saying that I and my team are all research-savvy.
We do a lot of research on finding most effective programs and advanced techniques in different visa categories and filing of visa Cases. Moreover, I have introduced a transparent policy in which our clients do have a complete update regarding the progress of their case.
I evaluate every single case myself. When it comes to settlement, I map your profile and preferences and advise you on the best immigration plan for you. Furthermore, for study abroad, we are already partnered with over 1300 Universities and Colleges across the globe, which enables us to provide you with a wide range of options. I firmly believe that open-eye dreams are always attainable. 
What it requires is a firm effort. So much so, let me also assure you that there is no visa case too trivial to be successful. We can proudly state that many of my happy clients are living their dreams abroad. It is this strong belief that actually drives and motivates us to persistently stretch beyond the conventional and we keep-on reinventing ourselves, providing the best consulting services. Furthermore, Express Global is blessed with a board of directors who are nationals of various countries i.e. Canada, UK, Australia etc. 
I am a strong believer of the view that there has to be a border less world, where people with their knowledge and wisdom could flow from one corner of the world to another and I am striving for the same ambition and enabling my clients to attain the same.
In the end, I assure you the quality of services which are second-to-none.


I am among the top 30 registered entrepreneurs in Canada having Pakistani background. I came to Canada some 15 years ago with my family, after seeking Canadian Permanent Residency. 
I am successfully running my business of a chain of schools and Colleges with the name “Can-Aim High Schools and Colleges”. You can also visit my website: www.can-aimhighschool.com to learn more about me. I am also now a global recruiter both for students’ enrollments and my staff hiring.
Over the years I have found people making a struggle when it comes to establishing their own business in Canada and ultimately getting their family PR. With my large network of Immigration lawyers and recruiters in Canada, I am excited to offer my services to those Pakistani nationals who wish to establish their own business in Canada.

I have a thorough understanding of various laws and processes of filing a successful business immigration case in Canada. We will assist you all the way from applying for your initial EOI till final settlement of your family in Canada. The philosophy behind establishing a consultancy in Pakistan, having a strong backup in Canada is only to facilitate you in getting your process of business immigration easy at every step.